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                                 GRAPHICS COURSES
Year Grade Course Course Code
First Year Grade 9 Graphics Arts 9 MTE -- 09GRA
  Grade 10 Graphics Arts 10-1 YVPA-0DGR1
  Grade 11 Graphics Arts 11-1 YVPA-1GGR1
  Grade 12 Graphics Arts 12-1 YVPA-2DGR1
Second Year Grade 10 Graphics Arts 10-2 YVPA-0DGR2
  Grade 11 Graphics Arts 11-2 YVPA-1GGR2
  Grade 12 Graphics Arts 12-2 YVPA-2DGR2
Third Year Grade 11 Graphics Arts 11-3 YVPA-1GGR3
  Grade 12 Graphics Arts 12-3 YVPA-1GGR3
Fourth Year Grade 12 Graphics Arts 12-4 YVPA-2DGR4

Check out the amazing projects!

Picture Frame, T-shirt, Puzzle, Mouse Pad


Basketball Hoop, Clock, Sports Pack

GRAD 2011

Graphic designers arrange words and images in an appealing way to effectively communicate a message.

Students develop a range of skills which will enhance their career opportunities in:

  • graphic design

  • business

  • website design

  • video games

  • advertising

  • publishing


  • environmental design

  • fine arts

  • digital animation

  • photography

  • corporate communications

A BIG thank you to all my former Graphics students.

   Sincerely,   Mr. Hamazaki

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